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Selena Gomez is about to welcome a baby into her life. No, the singer is not pregnant.
But she is about to be an older sibling, as the artist Tweeted with excitement today:
“Momma [Mandy Teefy] and [step-father] Brian are finally letting me share the news. My mommy’s carrying my baby brother or sister :) I’m the happiest girl in the world!”

We wish the new family nothing but health and happiness.
In what is now the second most exciting thing to happen to Selena this week, she took the stage at Madison Square Garden with Taylor Swift.
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No offense, Johnny Rzeznik. But we’ve forgotten about you already.
On Monday evening, Taylor Swift invited the Goo Goo Dolls frontman to join her on stage at Madison Square Garden for a version of “Iris.” It was perfectly decent. But it can’t compare to the fun duet Swift put on last night, also in New York City, with another special guest:
Selena Gomez! These pals belted out a rendition of the former’s “Who Says,” one that can scarcely be heard in the following video above the screams of those in attendance. Can you blame them? This is the first time Taylor and Selena have performed together. 
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The wedding dress that Kristen Stewart wears as Bella Swan in Breaking Dawn was custom-made, gorgeous… and darn expensive!
Speaking to E! News, author Stephenie Meyer says she personally selected designer Carolina Herrera to come up with the gown because she wanted it “to be something special, not something that you’re going to see every day.”
Hence the crepe satin, French Chantilly Lace and nearly 200 button across the back and sleeves.

"I love what Carolina did with it, she came up with a stunning concept. It’s similar to what I envisioned, but with added elements," Meyer says.
Want one yourself for when you walk down the aisle? A replica version is available right now from Alfred Angelo bridal dress company. It’s priced at $799.
But Herrera plans to include the real gown in her 2012 collection, which will be on sale at CHNY boutiques. It might set you back a few allowances, though: expect it to cost around $35,000.
Permalink Cody Simpson and Kylie Jenner: New Couple Alert!
Pretty soon, Kim Kardashian will be the only member of her family to have starred in a sex tape and faked a marriage for money be single.
Multiple sources confirm that 14-year old Kylie Jenner has struck up a relationship with pop singer Cody Simpson, as the pair were spotted arm-in-arm at The Grove in Los Angeles this weekend.

"I would say they are dating," a mole tells Us Weekly. ”They are a couple! They are so cute together.”
Jenner and Simpson reportedly met and hung out and at this month’s Hollywood premiere of Breaking Dawn ”and have been inseparable since,” the insider adds.
Sigh. We can just see it now: Kylie and Cody Take Los Angeles, coming in 2013 to E!
Permalink Miley Cyrus Poses for NOH8 Campaign
Miley Cyrus turned 19 a few days ago, and has not stopped making news since.
First, the actress posted a video in support of Occupy Wall Street. Then, she found herself embroiled in a pot smoking controversy. Now, the young superstar is standing up for gay rights.
Miley is the latest celebrity - countless others include Michael Emerson, Kim Kardashian, Cindy McCain; folks from every industry, as you can tell - to take part in the NOH8 campaign, created by Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley in protest of California’s Proposition 8, which makes it illegal for same-sex couples to wed.

"Thank you @MileyCyrus for taking a stand & supporting the @NOH8Campaign!," Bouska Tweeted following the shoot, a photo from which (above) he posted on his Facebook page.
Expect the completed campaign poster to hit the Internet any day now.
Permalink Katy Perry-Russell Brand Divorce Rumor Surfaces Again, But ..
If Twitter had its way, Katy Perry would have been pregnant and divorced several times by now, so why did the latest rumor of her impending split with Russell Brand gain traction? Several outlets running with the supposed impending split as fact, for one.
Also, neither Katy nor Russell directly addressed the reports … and she Tweets A LOT.
A rep for Russell even denied it to a UK paper, but still it raged on. What gives?

.Most outlets that repeated the rumor seemed to credit none other than celebrity gossip kingpin TMZ with the supposed scoop, claiming that the site posted, and then quickly removed, a story claiming that divorce was nigh between the couple.
However, TMZ chief Harvey Levin, took to Twitter himself to shoot that down.
"A news outlet saying TMZ posted a story Katy Perry is getting divorced,” he tweeted. “We did not post such a story … just made a call … 100% NO DIVORCE.”
Phew. Unlike Twitter trends, if Harvey says it on Twitter, we believe it.